For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.

Luke 19:10

The reality

It is believed that there are anywhere from 450,000 - 800,000 women trafficked and prostituted within the Philippines. In addition, as many as 100,000 street children are involved in and victimized by prostitution, some of them as young as 11-years-old. In fact, 1 out of every 10 children trafficked around the world is Filipino. 

Who are we?

Survivors and advocates, board, staff, volunteers and supporters, we are all committed together to sharing and living out the gospel among Filipino women caught in prostitution.

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What do we do?

Blog Post: Sharing and multiplication

"Sharing what each one of us are gifted with allows for the multiplication of blessings in the lives of people around us in our homes and communities."

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Are you planning a visit to Manila? Are you interested in seeing our work first-hand? Come stay with us at the SamBahay Retreat House!

We aim to serve as an oasis in the midst of a scrambling city, providing a peaceful and welcoming setting for prayer, study and worship. We can accommodate individuals or small groups.

For details on what to expect, accommodations, room rates, or to make a reservation, please contact us!

Jonathan and Thelma Nambu are the founders and current directors of Samaritana. They’ve been married for 22 years and have one daughter, Katrinka.

“We can't predict or imagine when and how the Spirit emerges, speaks, invites, challenges. We can only try to be ready, attentive, open... and follow.”